Matthew Steinle

UX Designer


I became a UX Designer because of my love for thinking through challenging problems and finding creative solutions. In my first career I taught philosophy and classical languages, hence my love for critical thinking. I transitioned careers to work with a variety of software systems, products, and apps that support private education. This experience introduced me to UX Design and ignited a passion for Design Thinking.



My Core Values


I’m always working on self-improvement. I’m proactive and take initiative. I’m always reading, watching tutorials, and taking opportunities to learn from others. I crave mentorship and I’m never afraid to ask any question or seek help. I’m not worried about being the best, I focus on getting better every day.


I enjoy life. I’m intrinsically motivated. I bring high energy. Everything I work on, everything I learn, and everything I do is an opportunity for me to grow, to learn, and to make something great.


I studied philosophy and the humanities because I’m captivated by  our world and how it works. I want to explore, uncover, dive deep, and understand why.

About Me

What Makes Me Tick

I thrive in an environment where there is strong collaboration, support, the freedom to ask questions, and seek help. As a former coach, I love to help others discover their strengths and put them in positions where they can maximize their potential and contribute to our work in a meaningful way.

How I Work

When I write, I make draft after draft. When I teach, I rework my lessons again and again. When I design, I bring the same iterative and experimental process to my work. Like cleaning my house, I’m not afraid of things getting a little chaotic and messy before they get organized and polished.

What I Enjoy

  • Being in nature: gardening, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, and more.
  • Reading and writing philosophy, literature, and children’s poems and stories.
  • Creating artwork: letterpress printing, doodling, and illustrating.

Where I’m learning UX Design

I became a member of the Interaction Design Foundation to get a strong foundation in the theory and practice of UX Design. I am currently enrolled in four courses:

  •  Become a UX Designer from Scratch
  • User Experience: The Beginnger’s Guide
  • Design Thinking: The Ultimate Guide
  • Human-Computer Interaction – HCI


I use Codecademy to learn my program languages. I have completed the following courses:

  •  Learn How to Code
  • Code Foundations
  • Learn HTML
  • Learn CSS

Bring your own Laptop

I take courses with Daniel Walter Scott for practical UX Design application and hands-on learning with software systems like Figma. I have completed two of his courses:

  •  UX Design – Theory
  • Figma UI/UX Design Essentials


  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Coach
  • Account Manager
  • Implementation Specialist
  • Client Services Manager
  • Documentation Specialist


  • Communication & Presentation
  • Prioritization & Time Management
  • Flexible & Adaptable
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Wireframing, Prototyping, and Testing


  • B.A. University of Kansas
    Classical Languages & Philosophy
  • M.A. Villanova University
    Classical Languages & Philosophy
  • M.L.S. Emporia State University
    Archives (Unfinished: 15 total credits)

Software & Product Experience

  • Financial Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Mobile Apps
  • Donation Platforms
  • Websites
  • Salesforce
  • Figma
  • Resource Libraries
  • Pendo
  • Microsoft Suite

Want to Get in Touch?

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