Omega Laptops Case Study

Omega Laptops

I created this case study after I completed my first practical UI/UX course in Figma. I took my course projects and applied the Design Thinking principles I’m learning in my courses at the Interaction Design Foundation.



This brief was automatically generated for my initial project.


After generating my brief, I created a persona that met the characteristics and parameters of the description.

About the Company

Omega provides individuals and businesses with professional laptops that are custom made for their needs and the many roles of diverse teams.

Key Questions

  • How can we demonstrate to young professionals that they will benefit from laptops tailored to their specific job?
  • How can we appeal to team leads and managers like John the value of purchasing custom professional laptops that will meet the needs of the varying roles on his diverse team?



Once I had my persona, I began to do some basic searches into laptops that young professionals were using and looking for in their work computers. I started with some websites and blogs that ranked laptops and what they offered. I then began to comb through forums to find out what young professionals in various positions valued.

Here is what users mentioned:

  • Price
  • Hardware
  • Battery Life
  • Aesthetics & Design
  • Web Cam
  • Durability
  • Screen Size & Resolution


I also reached out to three friends who are young professionals working remotely in different fields. I did this because John’s team will have members who have different needs. The three roles were:

  • Product Implementation Specialist
  • Developer
  • Senior Data Analyst


After completing my research and conducting my interviews, I prioritized the needs and potential problems for John and his remote team.


#1 – Price

  • Paying the right amount for premium functionality
  • Maximizing the Value of the Machine Specifications

#2 – Hardware

  • High Quality CPU for Maximum Power & Processing
  • High Ram for Maximum Speed
  • Large Storage for Multiple Programs, Apps, and Databases

#3 – Aesthetics & Design

  • Sleek
  • Slim
  • Attractive

#4 – Battery Life

  • Long Lasting Battery Life for Flexible Workstations in the House, Office, and Travel

#5 – Web Cam

  • High Quality Web Cam for Internal Team Meetings, Collaboration, and External Meetings with Clients


After I conducted my research, collected my data, and created my priorities, I began to think through the key points and features that needed to be highlighted to future clients and envision how they would easily navigate to their destination.

Wireframe & Prototype

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Hi-Fi Prototype